A professional profile could lift your business – or change your life

Few people realise the significance of having a well-written professionally profile. Whether it is that vitally important business profile, the often-underestimated LinkedIn profile, or the professional profile portion of your CV; it could lift your business or even change your life.

A LinkedIn profile is essential for SMEs to connect with other businesses and potential clients. LinkedIn is still the largest online business platform and potentially an excellent source of new business.

It is also the place where recruitment specialists headhunt for candidates to present to top-level businesses. A well-written LinkedIn profile and the professional profile portion of your CV could land you that long-awaited, life-changing position.


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The business profile

A well-written business profile can give you a foot in the door to a client who could give your business the lift it needs. A good business profile is inextricably linked (or at least should be) to your website content because much of what is in the business profile will appear almost verbatim in many sections of the website. It is more cost-effective to create or refresh them at the same time.

The importance of having this professionally written cannot be stressed enough. Your business profile and website are the faces of your business. They are your mouthpiece and your top salesperson rolled into one. The importance of saying the right things, in the right way, should be obvious and not left to someone who does not understand the composition and style of an effective business profile.

How is it constructed?

The business profile is usually more concise than the website content, but the elements are the same. A good business profile will open or sprinkled with a few strong banner headlines telling potential customers how you help them, similar to the homepage on your website. It should continue with a brief description of who you are and who you serve (extending to what sectors of business) and then a basic look at the services you provide.

Like your website, the business profile should continue to espouse something along the lines of the about us section of the website, giving the business some credibility through the people behind it, their qualifications and experience.

This should be followed with a few why us? bullet points. What are your USPs? Why should people use you as opposed to someone else? On the website, this is sometimes used on the homepage as well if it is a one-pager scrolling type site.

Your services should be listed and the extent of the detail is up to the business owner. A word of advice – rather make the website services page more detailed and keep the business profile more concise.

The final portion (or footer as it is known on the website) will possibly point to a few testimonials and provide contact and social media details. Here there may also be some affiliations and existing client logos.

A good tip: don’t try to give every bit of information regarding everything in the content of the business profile. Remember it is an overview and an invitation for potential clients to contact you for more information. This may lead them to your website, but even there, provide some information that is only available through direct contact with you.

LinkedIn Profiles and CV ‘Professional Profiles’

LinkedIn is not just the largest and most effective B2B platform, but it is also where people are head hunted for new jobs. As a business, by connecting with a lot of other people and businesses, you create a network of potential colleagues and clients to build valuable relationships. As a private individual seeking a job, or maybe just a better position, it gives you a platform exactly where most of the recruiters are hunting for the right candidates.

The CV ‘Professional Profile’ could land you the job

A CV is still what recruiters and employers will ask for once you have been spotted on LinkedIn. The way that your CV is presented is vital to your chances of landing the position. The CV ‘Professional Profile’ (the summary of your strengths and attributes) is sometimes the only part that is read – and unbelievably, many people don’t even have this in their CV.

It is a good idea to use a professional content writer because, simply put, the way these LinkedIn Profiles and CVs are written and compiled can mean the difference between landing that new client, or the position you seek, or not being considered at all.

The structure of the LinkedIn Profile

There are conflicting opinions on this, but I have had many testimonies from satisfied clients whose LinkedIn Profiles have served them well, so I know my structure works. Essentially a good LinkedIn Profile is about connecting people, so that should be the main focus.

It is usually written in the first person and should comprise: a little about you personally (but definitely not too personal, or too much); something about your business and what it offers, or as an individual, your skills and experience; and then, most importantly, several good reasons why people should connect with you.

The exact structure depends on what extent the profile represents the person or their business. This, and the importance of it being well written, are why some expertise is required and I am hired to write them.

The structure of the CV professional profile

The actual structure of a CV, in terms of what goes where, is also very important. The professional profile should be at the head of any CV (as previously stated because it is sometimes the only part of the CV that is read) and provide a good summary of the individual, their skills and attributes.

With a touch of humility, it needs to sing your praises. This is why, although some write it in the first person, I prefer to write it in the third person so your achievements can be acclaimed more objectively.

Get the balance right 

Once again, the balance of simple fact, commendation, what is important and what is less so, is critical. For that reason, it is far better to have this done by a professional content writer who is an objective third party.

I hope you have found this helpful and useful, and that you will create good, solid profiles to help you emerge from the restrictive cocoon of the COVID-19 pandemic – with wings to fly again.