GoDaddy Q&A: Ben Matjiu on being an entrepreneurial content creator

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Content surrounds us everywhere we go – from text and images to video and the spoken word. To break through the noise and clutter, and engage its audience, content needs to be exceptionally clear, interesting and entertaining.

Ben Matjiu, a multitalented radio producer, photographer and content creator, is one example of a creative professional who has carved a niche for himself in the creative industry by producing content people want to see, read and listen to.

After years of job hopping in roles like client service, account management and brand management, Ben found his calling in writing. From radio to copy to photos – Ben does it all. His clients include national radio station 5FM as well as many of South Africa’s leading consumer brands.

GoDaddy is one of his many admirers – so much so, we asked him to shoot the photographs for our official launch into the South African market in March this year.

Ben chats to us about his business and how creative professionals can use their digital presence to grow their revenues.

Interview with Ben Matjiu

GoDaddy: Tell us about your business.

A: My business is multifaceted. I am a copywriter, photographer and a creator. I live in the creative space – whether that’s online or on the radio or in photos.

GoDaddy: What sets you apart from other businesses in your market?

A: The idea that I work across multiple media and formats. I write copy, I take photographs, I work on air and I find creative ways to execute advertising campaigns. I focus on engagement, memorability and relevance – using the best media for the purpose. My ability to produce creative content across different spectrums as one person is what sets me apart from everyone else.

GoDaddy: What is the best thing about working for yourself?

A: One of the most interesting aspects is that I can work in my pyjamas all day if I want, as long as I am not going out on a shoot. I am my own boss. I am not reliant on a manger and I can work the hours I want to. But it does take a lot of self-discipline.

GoDaddy: Why did you decide to set up a website for your business?

A: I was spending so much of my time creating websites for other people and writing content for everyone else. Yet when they asked me what I do, it was difficult for me to explain all the platforms I focus on. I decided it was time to concentrate on my business and create something and somewhere I could show the different facets of my business in one place.

GoDaddy: How will the website benefit your business? 

A: The new site will benefit me in a multitude of ways. It will enable me to house all my content on one platform, making it easier to showcase my portfolio of images and creativity so my clients understand what I really do. Anyone can therefore visit one place, see what I’m able to do and contact me directly. They can refer to the work I have done in the past for a range of brands and companies. Once they see my full multi-platform portfolio, we can create some magic together.

GoDaddy: Can you tell us about what it was like using the GoDaddy Website Builder?

A: Using the platform was one of the easiest things I have ever had to do. I am always pressed for time and I thought it would be a rather tedious process. But it was very simple from dragging and dropping images to inserting copy to editing changes on my phone. It was easily one of my best experiences!

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