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Chrome and new godaddy website

Hi, I've tried GoDaddy chat to communicate this issue and spent almost 10 mins arguing with the agent about my password supposedly being the issue.  Every time I go to My Products tabs in the account management section it redirects to the login page like im not logged in.  But as you can see I am logged in right now posting to the community and was logged in to talk to the chat agent.... I was able to get My Products tab on firefox yesterday finally but opera and chrome just redirect to the login page every time.  This started after they updated to the new site I was wondering if anyone has run into this too and if they have been able to get help?


Re: Chrome and new godaddy website

Hi @westsidekc,


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We're sorry the support agent was not able to help you with this. While we haven't had any reports of this kind of problem here, you may look to solve it in your browser. It sounds like a caching issue, especially in light of the website update. We recommend clearing your browser cache and the cookies for our site. You also may wish to try access through a private/incognito browsing window. Please let us know if this clears up the issue for you. 



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Re: Chrome and new godaddy website

It will ask for a login more frequently for account management over the help and community pages.  But if you see this repeatedly happening try clearing your history/cache.

Re: Chrome and new godaddy website

Thank you for your reply but it didn't work, and i tried that on Monday last week too.  I am just going to use Firefox because Chrome can't access the community section now too.