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Email issue

I semi recently moved host from namecheap to godaddy. Everything has been fine until recently. Long wait times for any type of tech help(over 30mins). The "call back" option is a lie and doesn't happen. The tech here in the US are great, but overseas are not. Got off the phone with a tech that was helping with setting up an email for a website that had dns record issues. I didn't expect it to get it resolved tonight. I finished the call with the US tech guy and the expectation to wake up tomorrow to finish resolving the issue. But within a few minutes I get a half-assed email from a tech from outside of the US. Said there was no issue with my email (misspelled my email account) and that there are no issues and closed my ticket!!! I checked and the email didn't work and I still had the DNS issues. I'm starting to lose faith in Godaddy's ability to provide competent tech support.


Re: Email issue

Hi @SOfrustrated,


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We're sorry to hear that you're frustrated as a result of the customer support. The users in this community forum will have no access to your account to determine what the email issue may be - if it's specific to your setup in the account. Please contact our customer support team at one of the numbers in the link below so they can review and resolve the problem, or get you pointed in the right direction. If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (


If you feel the issue is not account-specific, you're welcome to post the issue in the email forum so someone in the Community can lend a hand. If it's an issue with cPanel email, you can post here. If you have Office 365, you'll want to go to the dashboard in the account to see there are prompts awaiting your actions. 





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