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Frustrating experience with Dedicated Server management

Godaddy should not notice customer in final hours. I received an email from Godaddy at midnight on Friday, September 28th. The email title is "Final Notice: Act now to avoid losing your data" which warn me the Dedicated Server will be deleted on September 30, 2019. Everything in the server will be gone. I did receive one similar email long time ago, but only one email.  After that, the second email I received is FINAL NOTICE. Only 48 hours before the Dedicated Server will be deleted. Even I upgrade and extend my Dedicated Server to 2020 in July. Nobody told me my Dedicated Server will be deleted in next two months when I make the payment. Even when I contact Godaddy, the customer support spent 10 minutes to make sure the email is not fake. It is ridiculous.  I got 50G files in Dedicated Server and it is a huge job to do the migration especially at weekend. Moreover, Godaddy ask customer pay much more after pushing customer to no choices.


My previous Dedicated Server charge me about A$100 per month. The cheapest new Dedicated Server plan is more than A$200.  I can't find another server provide company in 48 hours.  I didn't have choices and purchased the new Dedicated Server.  So, I paid about A$1800 in Oct 2018 and A$2000 in July 2019 for old server, and more A$1600 Friday night for new server to Sept 2021. 


In addition, The management is messy in Godaddy. I spent 10 hours to wait the new server setup. When I call Customer Support after 6 hours waiting, a lady told me "everything is fine, just keep waiting". After 10 hours waiting, Customer Support admit there was problem on server setup and reset the server for me.  The messy management is a big waste for customers. 


Besides,  There is DNS problem between two Dedicated Servers in Godaddy.  After e hard work at weekend, website was move to new server. And DNS has been update for 30 hours. But I still can't visit website properly until now. I can visit website and IP address is point to new Dedicated Server. But after a few minutes, I can't visit website and IP address is point to old Dedicated Server. After a few hour, IP address is back to new one again. Then point to old one very quickly. I used many different way to clear DNS and ask my clients & friends to test.  But this weird things kept happening in whole day until now. The domain the two Dedicated Servers are all in Godaddy. I am pretty sure DNS updating is correct. It must be the problem in Godaddy. 


At last, I have been a loyal Goddy customer for 10 years. And I hosting and park more than 40 websites&domains in Godaddy. But Godaddy disappoint me this time. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Frustrating experience with Dedicated Server management

Hi @Leili. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I can see how that would be a frustrating situation. Typically, we would send notice of this type of issue well in advance to make sure you have plenty of time to do what you need to do. I know for this particular end of service, we did send an email a few months ago, but it included the date at that time as well. I'm sorry to hear you were caught off guard. 


I can't really speak to pricing other than I know there are various levels of servers and additional services we offer. We try to be competitive with what other providers also offer. However, you should be able to get credit for the time you have on the server you're moving away from, so hopefully, that reduced the price you had to pay to move over. 


It's regrettable that you had to wait so long for your upgrade to go through as well. Sometimes things do get "stuck" and further action is needed to make sure things work as intended. I'm sure this added additional frustration since you had to get things taken care of in such a short amount of time. I apologize that things didn't go more smoothly for you. 


It sounds like you could still use some help with DNS. If there is a specific technical issue that the community can try to help out with, I'd encourage you to post that subject as it's own thread. Someone may be able to provide suggestions on how you can move forward. Thanks again for your feedback. 


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