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Godaddy suddenly changed my links to point to their own site

l am completely disgusted by this system, ever since they did their cheap update, problems have rised, My photos suddenly dont show in my big site and I only find out when embarrassing enough a client tells me. Links have changed to point to when initially they pointed to where I sent it to. And I come to find this out when I am developing my wordpress site and trasnfer SEO that my high ranking google pages (inside links that point to my point website pages) are pointing now to Godaddy. I have been running ads and suddenly many clocks and 20% calls.


Refreshing and updating your site wont do anything.


We will take legal action against godaddy for this. Now I have to look into 50+ pages to see igf my website looks like spam in front of google thanks to godaddy's cheap update. This i am sure has happened to many other users, so I highly recommend you check your sites and leave this platform as its the wore there is. We are looking to change host and all.


Hello @christy1234 and Welcome!


I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your website.  Did you happen to call in to Customer Care for help?  Please confirm what type of hosting and platform you are using, and if you have SSL and website security on it.  Thank you for reaching out! 

Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat