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Negative customer support experience

I am extremely enraged and angry at the level of rudeness and harshness i just experienced today from Godaddy customer support representative.


Fist off let me be very clear on one thing: I have always received top notch customer support from Godaddy and always proud myself to be a happy customer for years. However what I experienced today what just besides. It is not really what was said but the way it was said.


Today Tuesday 7/21/2020 at exactly 12:31 AM

Support Agent name is so called Jean or Gene


I had simply called in to receive hosting support for my domain. This agent SHOULD NEVER; I repeat NEVER work in customer support or any customer service industry. Not only this agent was rushing on the phone, but she had a highly harsh tone and was highly undermining. She raised her voice at me and when I nicely asked to speak to another agent or a supervisor she said and i quote "What the ......".


We all know what that means when someone says that. The simple fact that a Godaddy agent will even want to use such derogatory expressions should be grounds for major concern. Today for the very first time in about 6 years I am contemplating moving all my business to another provider.


Few things that are important in customer service skills:


- Patience

- Professionalism

- Taking the time to understand the need of the customer

- Friendly tone is a must

- A can do attitude

- A welcoming behavior towards the customer.

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