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    Can large excel type webpages work or do they slow down a website? Any alternatives?

    I have some technical questions about creating a new website. The site will be for informational purposes and would not require a “shopping cart” or “point of sale” option of any sort. The majority of the data is currently being compiled using Excel 2010 and will contain 2000- 3000 rows when completed plus a second linked page of images. I’ve seen several places online that mention large Excel type webpages don’t work well since they can really slow down the website and the server. Is this true and is there any alternative? Any advice is appreciated.

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    Pages with that many rows -- in any format -- will be pokey.  And, aren't very user-frienly as far as viewing and not looking overwhelming.


    What you can do is embed an Excel Workbook into your website.  Here's how.  


    Alternatives would be optimized screenshots/images of the data.  Or having PDF downloads.


    Maybe consider is creating a series.  In the series, you break up that information into manageable chunks and have a page/post (WordPress makes this easy) about one chunk of data, with the applicable images.  You then link to the next chunk at the bottom of that page.


    This way you have managage chunks of text that load quickly, while guiding site visitors to the next.


    Does that help?  😉


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    Thanks @Muse!! This is a big help. 

    I do have a question, however. If I embed the Excel database into the website, will everyone who wants to see it be required to have a Microsoft account or have an Excel program on their computer?

    When I was first getting started on the data, I was creating hyperlinks to Dropbox so users could view larger images of the items on that site. It worked without requiring them to have a Dropbox account (although there was an annoying request to join before viewing the image). That all came to a quick end a couple of months ago when the links stopped working with Excel programs older than 365 due to a MS "update". A different issue, but I'd hate to end up with a similar problem embedding the spread sheet on the site.

    Thanks again for the suggestions.




    Hey, Bob:


    Glad to help! 😉 


    Based on the article referenced, you aren't embedding the Excel files on your website.  You are basically displaying them from OneDrive.


    If you put Excel files on your site to view or download -- then yes, those who want to view them need to have the software, Excel, to run them.  


    Per the link above, OneDrive runs Excel -- you are just embedding a link to that within your website for users to view.  You also have the option to set permissions to sort, filter and calculate.


    Software is always going to update and evolve and at some point leave older versions behind.  Nature of the beast and can't be avoided.  So that's why it is important to keep your software updated and go with the flow so that you don't end up having old/unusable files in the future.


    HTH!  😉




    "Boldness be my friend." ~ William Shakespeare

    Thanks again @Muse!

    So just to confirm, any viewer on my website would have to have a sign in to OneDrive in order access the embedded link? Sorry if this is really basic, but I'm definitely not a coder and have only used older Microsoft products.



    No, they won't have to sign-in to OneDrive.   


    You'll see at the bottom of the instructions at the link that I sent you that you'll be provided with embed code that you paste into your website.  That code will then display your Excel Workbook on your website for visitors to view.


    HTH! 😉


    "Boldness be my friend." ~ William Shakespeare