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    Does this website need more images?

    I have built a website for our Mail Center in Houston, Texas. I am in the process of assisting a friend in building a similar site. Considering this is a business center, should I add more images or keep it simple? www.astorbusinesscenters.com The new site will have the same services but is more high end. I image that a few images of the location are important but I am not sure if too many will add any additional value and convert more clients.
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    Re: Does this website need more images?

    I'm generally of the less is more thought when it comes to images on websites @websitecasa. I tend to only include essential pictures, those for search and I make sure that all images are web optimized. 


    I would probably not put a header image on every page? I usually leave header images for the homepage and maybe the contact page. I like picture naming like private-offices-city-ZIPCODE-company-business-centers88.jpg over naming like home_transfer_slider_slide1_woman.png Of course this is a lot about style and client so others will have different opinions. My advice is to optimize every picture, be conscious of your above the cold content and keep mobile viewers in mind. 


    The website looks great so far by the way! 


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    Re: Does this website need more images?

    Thank you for your feedback!