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    I'm creating a Bitcoin newsletter-esque website and I need your critique! :)

    Hello guys, 


    I recently started a little side project of mine and I want you all to tell me what you think.

    I am sorry you might not understand  all the content as it's in my native tongue but you won't need to be able to do that, I promise 🙂


    I've been involved in investing and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for a couple years and just to keep my mind busy I decided to start sharing and kind of dumbing down what's happening in the space and creating what I suppose we could call curated content centred around Bitcoin. I'm publishing an article a day where I focus on a particular topic I find interesting and give my opinions and summary. I'm not selling any product or monetising the website in any way, it's pure - 'let's see if people even find it helpful' kind of thing. I want my audience to avoid the noise and give them good content that's to the point.


    So the layout theme is kind of centred around this leprechaun-esque idea that Leprechauns have gold coins and I'm talking about virtual coins etc.


    Now I admit I am a very bad designer (I'm also colour blind which makes it a bit tricky and I would like to know what you think


    1) about the website layout as such, ie should I use a more magazine style wordpress theme? Maybe it's too simple the way it is now? Maybe different colours also?


    2) do you like the idea? would you visit a website where you can read a bit of curated content without ads and having to subscribe to anything? would you add some functionality?


    The address is 


    Thanks for everyone who chips in with their opinion.



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    Hi my website


    What is problem to this domain why this site not ranking any keywords