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    New to Godaddy and need website advice


    I recently put a website together for my newly found business.  I went with GoDaddy because of functionality, user friendly etc.  I know nothing about website building or anything that takes to develop an attractive, user friendly, revenue producing site. I was  wondering if anyone would be willing to give constructive criticism about my site. I feel like it does not flow well and may have to much verbiage. Please... I am not here to discuss if you believe in what I do. I am strictly looking for help on web design and creating the best most informative fun website for clients.



    Any and all advice welcome


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    Getting Started

    It Looks Great and It may be a bit wordy. It might be better that way since some may need a little more information before going any further with your services.

    I used your chat bubble and you should have access to an email from me.


    Good Journey to You and Yours



    Thank you so much @TaraciasKustomC for taking the time to take a look at my website. I do agree about the wordiness, but your right this may be the best way to get a clear understanding of what I can and can not do. I appreciate your help. It is ALOT of work .. I never realized how much work goes into just the basics! Good Lord. Lol. Thanks again