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    Want to build a simple shop. Suggestions on where to start?

    I have been with Godaddy for 20 years and the service is great. Can this bulletin board help? I want to establish a simple shop for a nonpprofit historical aviaton group. We have a captive market so I do not want blg advertising. We do not need videos and super sound. I have about 50 products and we want the shop to have an inventory which is serves as a stockbook so each product has a catalogue entry with picture and number in stock. It needs paypal and credit card as well as bank transfer payment. Every self-service site for shops that I try I get bogged down by the gadgetry. I can only afford say $500 +Australian dollars but think it should be possible to set up something like this very easily. Do any Godaddies have a good contact for this?

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    I found your current HTML site. Based on what you are describing - while the Websites + Marketing Platform would hit the cost numbers I'm not 100% certain on all the payment options as well as it maybe to limited in the commerce functionality for what you need.


    I would recommend WordPress - You can do this on the cPanel server you already have or GoDaddy does have a Managed WordPress hosting package as well. 


    WooCommerce which is the commerce plugin does have many features / options but I think the core plugin will give you what you are looking for.

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