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    Website Critique

    Hi there, I would be interested if anyone in the GoDaddy Community could critique my website.

    The website is currently page 5 / 6 of Google (Australia) for the search term Microsoft 365 online training / courses. and page 1 of Bing.  I am after feedback, suggestions, etc, on boosting my rankings with Google.  Don't be afraid to be critical I won't be offended.  I'm after constructive criticism and suggestions that I can do relatively easily.  The web site was created in web site builder.

    Thank you.




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    Hey, Cathy:


    VERY nice site you have there -- good job!  😉  Here are a couple of thoughts...


    => As far as SEO --  you are in an uber-competitive and saturated market (Microsoft 365 online training pulls 73,900,000 results) so getting better rankings on Google is going to be a tough hill to climb.   Your site is going to have to be better and more trustworthy than the established sites that are already out there.


    => I did notice on your blog that your posts aren't really posts.  They are just a sentence or two.  That doesn't give the search engines anything to chomp on -- or to encourage folks to link to you.  Nor does that reflect your expertise on the topics.  For example, your 3/17 post is one sentence and you link off-site to Microsoft.  What you want to do instead is to craft your own post on that topic to share your knowledge and expertise.


    That approach will not only help with rankings (over time) but also contributes to building your site's perception of credibility and expertise.  Plus by writing about the topics that offer training on you are naturally using the keyphrases users may use to find you.  This is also where doing some due diligence on what keyphrases your target market would use to find you will come in handy.  Those terms tend to be different than what you may use to describe your services.


    => On your About Us page, you talk about the products you offer but not "us".   Who is doing the training?  Here is where you can showcase the trainers to help visitors to get to know you and humanize your services.  People like doing business with folks they know and feel they can relate to.  Maybe having each trainer do their own video talking about what they do and why they enjoy what they do will help to convert site visitors.


    => On your product pages, all the text is in columns and centered.  I'm not sure if the web builder allows aligning that text --- but if so I would look at left-justifying it as that will make it easier to read.


    HTH! 😉






    "Boldness be my friend." ~ William Shakespeare

    Thanks you for your critique @Muse 

    All suggestions and recommendations I have taken on board.


    Cathy Fanning