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    Which Hosting is best for website speed?

    Hi, I am using Namecheap hosting for my website but it is affecting my website speed. when I check my website speed with web vital core the main issue is highlight is of hosting speed. so please can someone guide me on which hosting is best that maintains the speed of the website even i use 5-10 website on one hosting

    please someone can guide me 

    Best Regards

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    You didn't mention the type of hosting or websites that you currently have.  It could be hosting is the crux of the performance issues, but it could also be the resources required to run 5-10 WordPress websites.  Depending on what resources they need could stress many shared hosting accounts.


    Look at each of your sites.  Determine how many site visits and storage each entails.  Then go for a hosting environment that can support that.  With WordPress, Managed Hosting is the way to go -- or if you want full control look at a VPN.




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