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    Can I legally buy a domain with the intention of selling it?

    I have heard that buying and selling domain names is a fast way to earn money, and I'm currently purchasing a domain name from this site, however I just not entirely sure if I am legally allowed to? I do have an ABN as I am a registered sole trader, however the domain name I am buying has no connection to my business and is being bought with the sole purpose of reselling it for a profit. When the Registration Information page asks 'this domain is closely and substantially connected to my organisation or activities undertaken by my organisation.' can I get into legal trouble for claiming it does when it doesn't?

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    Community Manager

    Hi @lolapeet. Thanks for being part of the GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, this forum isn't the correct place to request legal advice. That should always come from an attorney. I can say that there are people who invest in and sell domain registrations for profit, but we can't really comment on the legality of any domain registration.


    I believe what you are likely most concerned about is whether or not you would be "domain squatting". This GoDaddy Blog article may help address some of your concerns. 


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