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    The value of alternative TLDs

    FIRSTLY, hi. I'm Andrew. Creative visionary and +2 yr domain investor. I own around 80 domains i think, half of them being reserved for my main operations of business. The other half of them I purchased more-so to sell. Those domains are currently listed on Being that I am still new to this digital venture, I have a few questions? Perhaps I'll have to wait years to see a reply if at all.


    So, with the newer extentions, how long will I have to wait until the elderly domain investors finally get over their ego and accept that the virtual world IS capable of evolving from the stagnant pollution that is .com and .net domains?


    I mean I've seen domains like "" get more praise than my "Anon.Photos". Sure, it's a slight bit more on the niche side, but what gives? How can I understand where these people find ANY value in ""? I'm talking beyond possible current ad income, I'm talking like INVESTING in the FUTURE value?


    These new extensions are no less valuable than a .com in fact I know they will become even more valuable than .com in the near future. Anyway, I'd also like to ask about and having my domains listed for sale. Am I able to receive cash parking for those domains with nameservers directing to the Afternic sales pages? Thank you.


    Btw, if you're interested in any of my domains found at the link above, feel free to contact me at: directly, and I'm always open to price adjustments!

    ANDREW ~ Founder @ PSYBR media
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