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Re: Parked Domain no

@Tmdenim wrote:


I have a premium cash parking and a basic cash parking.

I have 35  high autority domains in premium cash parking all set and the keyword all match will a huge possibility so set it perfectly for earning 

So anytime i login to see my balance is zero 00 

No click nether impression so i wonder how come not any impression.

Here is the message when i try to rech all my domain 

"This domain is not currently approved for cash parking"

I have google it and see the proble in godaddady blog 

I have my personal adress set and i check again 

The same message appear.

"This domain it currently not approved for cash parking"

Please help me solve this problem 


I have the same problem. There are two issues: 1) What is the problem; 2) How is that communicated to the consumer. Looking at #1: I was told that if even one word is the same as one in a trademarked name, you are not approved. The other possibility is that the address isn't complete (but I was told mine was). I'm having problems grasping that first reason: 1)For example,  I said theoretically, if I had "daddy" in the title (such as, it wouldn't be approved because "daddy" is in godaddy, a trademarked term. The person said "yes." If that is the case, nothing would be approved. I said. Now for #2. I asked how I was to know the domains weren't ' approved. The customer service person said I had to check each domain. I asked where that is written that I needed to do that. Then he directed me to the legal page (on the home page) for the fine print. While I accept that it is my responsibility to read that, I felt that they were obfuscating the issue. At the least it isn't customer friendly. I'm a fan of godaddy and this has affected me. Generally, I find them responsive, customer-friendly and helpful, but I felt this was, at the least confusing; at the most deceptive. I am building a website with them and with another firm as well to see which I like better (in the free trial phase), but I am less inclined to go with GoDaddy after this.