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What price to set for selling domains through auction?

I recently bought an domain called and I have put it on a 7 day public auction. The value is less then $100 and nobody is buying it. What price should I set it as?


can anyone help me?

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Re: Selling domains

There is no real pricing strategy when it comes to domains that means a guaranteed sale @Zubair2. I assume that you made your auction open to offers?


If you just purchased it then I'm not sure it has added value because of a high search engine ranking? Perhaps someone will appreciate that specigic domain more when the Christmas season rolls around? Maybe it was available for a reason? Either way don't wait on costumers to come to you, go out and find people, companies or websites you feel would be a good match for your domain. I hope that helps? Happy auctioning! 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Re: What price to set for selling domains through auction?

Christmas is spelled wrong in your email, I'm assuming it is spelled correctly in the domain name.