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7 day wait

Hi there


I just got this message
Transfer status:
Pending transfer-in.
Recommended action:
We're waiting for approval from the sending registrar, which can take up to 7 days.
Does this mean my sending registrar needs to contact Go Daddy?
Godaddy sent myself (owner) and then the registrar of domain an email to approve.
I clicked Approve and when the domain registrar clicked Approve it said "Error" So we presume that's because I had already approved it.

AM I waiting 7 days only to realise the registrar should have done the approval?
We are already 2 weeks behind and losing customers because our website is offline. 
Could you please explain the situation? 
Is everything ok and I jus wait 7 days for the domain to be transferred to Go Daddy or is there going to be another error.
Thanks for anyones help.
Community Team
Community Team

Re: 7 day wait

That message indicates you've done everything correctly, and the transfer is processing.  The 7 days is the maximum amount of time it would take for a transfer to complete successfully.  It may happen sooner than that, but it's usually 5 to 7 days.  




Re: 7 day wait

Thanks for the clarification, I was in a similar situation wondering the same thing. Maybe a bit of text letting people know that there all set at this point or that this "shouldn't require additional action."