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Domain Transfer - transfer Codes not received

I am trying to transfer a domain name into GoDaddy.

I have the authorization code from the original registrar. And i keep receiving the below message:


We've sent an approval request to m***** If you believe the email address is incorrect, you must update it with your current registrar.


 but i dont actually recieve the message with the approval request. I have tried resetting the process and restarting the transfer. nothing helps.


i have checked spam/junk, i have waited 24 hours for the message, i have restarted the entire message. I have checked with the old registrar in case it was something from their side.


the only issue i can thing of is that my godaddy account and the administrator account for the domain are the same.


any ideas?

Community Team
Community Team

Re: Domain Transfer - transfer Codes not received

If you're not able to receive the transaction ID and security code at the currently listed administrator email address as displayed on the domain, you'll want to update that email address at the current registrar.  Once you've changed the email address on file, you can request that the codes be resent and they should be delivered to the updated address.  

If you can not receive the codes at an updated email address, please reach out to our live support teams for further assistance.  Thank you.