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Domain transfer and DNS

Hi there,

I just transferred a domain to you guys for my client so it would be together with her other domains at GoDaddy. They have quite a lot of zone records on that domain that are not standard that are used for their outlook365 email accounts. The domain has now transferred across OK but I can't see where any of the zone records are.

Should I be changing the name server to be the company where the domain used to be? Will the zone records be accessible in their GoDaddy account then? Or can you tell me what I need to do to make sure all of the zone records are transferred across from old domain registry to GoDaddy please. There is no website hosting for this domain that has been transferred.




You need to do a few things:


1. Export previous DNS records from previous host. This will have all that email stuff in it. You can also submit a support ticket for this and they will help.

2. Sounds like you need a hosting package since you can't show a website without hosting it. For ease of use, consider GoDaddy hosting packages.

3. If there are any records in GoDaddy now, like nameservers, copy and paste them into an email and send it to your self.

4. Edit nameservers to default to get the GoDaddy Nameservers back.

5. Create and apply a DNS template with all those old DNS records that are not old host relavent. Copy over email settings here.

6. Confirm hosting settings good.


I'm no expert but that should get you closer.

Hi Thanks for replying.


We don't want the website for this domain. It is not relevant anymore and the clients wanted it closed so we don't need website hosting but we still need the zone records available.


I thought that when you transfer a domain to godaddy or anyone that these records would come with it?


What are the default godaddy name servers?

In that case, I don't think zone records move with transfer. I recommend calling support.


When you login and edit nameservers to default, they are auto assigned numbers/data. It's weird. This will bring down the website if you change nameservers, if the website is up/live.



Thanks mate,


I will call support and see what they can do

Do you know I can send them a ticket or direct email?


I am in Sydney and doesn't look like there is a local number to call.

Good luck! If their chat is down gotta call 😞