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GSuite registered domain migration problem


I need some help.

I've purchased a domain with Google GSuite and it is hosted by GoDaddy. I have some problem to redirect my domain name to the real IP Address.


I've phoned Go Daddy and contacted google by chat but nothing works. The page is a 404 page.


Thank you,




Re: GSuite registered domain migration problem

The best way to ensure you are getting correct IP Address, is to obtain it directly from the Hosting Accounts Dashboard.  To find your IP Address:

1.Login to GoDaddy

2.Click the Name/Account in the upper right

3.Click My Products

4.Go Down to hosting and click manage all

5.Click Manage again if needed.

*You then should be able to view your IP Address. Take this ip address and enter it on the Google side. Then it will connect in 2-2-4 hours,.