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How To Recover Expired Domains - Tutorial

MarvinB wrote,

   "1. Check to see if your domain is available and if it is just purchase it.

  1. If the domain name is not available it most likely got bought off by someone else. You can check to see who purchased the domain name( There is a chance that you may not be able to see the information as they probably purchased privacy protection. Now, if the info IS available you can contact them directly with your inquiry. Also, you can have go daddy contact them in your behalf to try to get it for you.
  2. My last advice would be to wait until it expires again and purchase it then.  
  3. If your website has lots of traffic it's important to not let it expire.”


Justingodfrey wrote,

“When a domain name is in "pendingdelete" status it is unable to be renewed. The domain name will be released 6 days after the last "updated" date on the domain. For example, if the status of the domain name is pendingdelete and the last updated date was November 10th, the domain name was be released from the registry today between 2 PM and 3 PM Eastern time.

You may want to purchase a "backorder" from Godaddy who will then attempt to register the domain on your behalf as soon as the registry releases it. Information on backorders are here:”


SX wrote,

Go to Domain Name Management and check Domains -> Expired Domains.  Also verify it's not in Pending Account Changes -> Outgoing changes just to be sure.  You can also go to HTTP://WHOIS.GODADDY.COM to run a whois and see what registrar "state" the domain is in, and whether it's still registered under your information or not.  Generally speaking if it's 10 days or less you should be able to renew it no problem; within 2 weeks you can renew it with $0 fees; up to 30 or 40 days-ish you can still renew it though GoDaddy might have a large fee associated with it; beyond that it could enter into GoDaddy's registrar limbo where you may or may not be able to recover it (GoDaddy auctions expired domain names for profit).”

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