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I Quit!

I have several websites for my business (hosted with GoDaddy) and I anticipate needing 5 more hosted for my company.


I was recently informed that I needed to switch to "cpanel" hosting in order to "fix my problem."


After spending (literally) in excess of 15 hours in one weekend trying to implement the changes they indicated were needed, one of my sites was "lost," and the others would not merge over to the new hosting (from GoDaddy Linux to Cpanel).


I called customer support at least 5 times, and was given at least 5 different solutions for my issues...all to no avail!


Today I tried again, and it wouldn't work.  My only remaining solution was to cancel the cpanel hosting and start all over.


So here is my question...does anyone know of a reputable company that provides the same products as GoDaddy, but may have better customer service or at a minimum is a bit user friendly?  I really need to focus on my business, and not customer service issues like this.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @askholmes,


I sympathise with your issues, though more details would be appreciated as you just never know? 

I don't pull punches or blow smoke up anyones behind...................

ALL hosting providers suck!

It's just in my experience that godaddy suck quite a bit less than some! I mean they have 24/7 support (though I admit there are wait times...... but what call service doesn't ?), live chat service, reasonable products for the money, the uptime of servers is good, so all in all, not bad at all.

Trust me, there are far worse.


But it's hard running a business and websites too, and when something goes wrong then you find you don't have time for constant calls to support. 

So with only having a few websites to manage I would either consider running your own server, or at the very least a VPS and then have everything under one roof. It will save time. If you don't know how to setup a server or run one, consider taking someone on part or full time to manage it and free up your important time.

After all, multiply 15 hours by your hourly rate......... and that's probably only the time maintaining your sites you tallied.

I'm sorry I can't recommend a hosting company as the Devil is ALWAYS in the detail and unless you read T's and C's for bedtime reading, you often find out too late.

One little clue though...... rule of thumb as it were...... the bigger the Terms and Conditions sheets, the bigger the *bleeeeeeeeeeeeep bleep* the company are. Simple psychology, you look at a huge T's and C's doc and think "I'm not reading THAT!" and rush to sign up!!!!!

The rogue company's are banking on this.............


As I say, tell it as it is...............