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Premium Domain Transfer - Please Advise

Frustrated here – posting to community in hopes of receiving better clarity/information regarding this process.


Purchased a Premium domain via GoDaddy auctions on 8/12/17 for $2k


Learned of the 5 day fund verification after the fact (even though money was instantly taken from my account and has fully processed within 2 days)

Have been told by numerous reps, as well as information directly from GoDaddy’s website states that the transfer from the original registrar to my account should at the least begin if not complete on the 6th day. Transaction insured…what a joke.


Status still shows as verifying funds, authorization pending. I’ve contacted both GoDaddy AND NetworkSolutions (original registrar) and both are not able to provide an authorization code to finish this transfer. I’m then told it can take an additional two weeks for this to transfer – as if we’re waiting for the original owner of this domain to show up and provide this code. Is this normal? Why is it that GoDaddy can’t contact the original registrar company and get the code immediately when everything is in place – it doesn’t make sense to me to run business with a wildcard factor of waiting on the original registrar’s customer. What if they are on vacation, or deliberately dragging their feet or changed their mind, etc.  I could understand this process if we were dealing with a $10 domain here, but we’re not – how in the world is it acceptable to spend $2k on a name to wait 3 weeks for this to be sent to my account.


Funny that the status shows as it does, as I was instantly provided the initial Transaction ID/Security code to start the transfer – if I had the final authorization code it would be done immediately regardless of what the automated process shows. I’ve talked to 10 different reps, what can I do to get someone to step up and handle this for me? I realize this is community support, I’m looking for suggestions here before I dispute the charge with my bank and file a complaint.

Helper VI

Hi @A7T3C, sorry to hear that 😞


If I was in your position, I'd be contacting support all day.


I have looked into the help pages, and maybe you can find some useful info here, here and here.


I hope you can solve it!




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I'm in the same boat. Purchased a domain for just under $1k about 10 days ago and I'm in transfer purgatory. No communication from the seller or GoDaddy as to what should be happening or what the next steps are. This is an area that definitely needs to be shored up. At the very least there should be an informational email sent to the buyer that outlines the process and gives a realistic timeline as far as what to expect and where to go for help. Just that one addition would likely save many hours and hundreds of phone calls from confused newbie auction buyers.

Hi @jermgold and @A7T3C,


If you still have questions regarding the status of a Premium Domain that is at another registrar, please feel free to contact our team directly at Be sure to include your customer number, invoice number and domain purchased, so they can work with the other registrar for you and provide more information.



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Thanks for the reply - I was able to reach a GoDaddy rep by phone and make some progress. My suggestion would be at minimum a post-sale email outlining the process of obtaining ownership a purchased premium domain, realistic timelines, and what to do if things go bad. As it stands, one has to search sparse Godaddy help docs or simply Google it. There just isn't much info available. People who have spent hundreds or thousands on a premium domain name are already a bit jumpy about it, especially first timers, so the absence of communication only adds to the uneasiness. Again, I appreciate the followup! I Love GoDaddy services.