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Transfer domain from other account

I made a website for a friend, the domain was registered and hosted somewhere, then he decided to move it to a company. The domain got transferred, the data was hosted somewhere else, but I remained the technical/registrant of the domain (I'm listed in the whois record). Now the company have vanished, they don't respond to emails or pick up the phone. The domain expires soon, and whois says the sponsoring registrar is godaddy, so I think the company was probably a reseller. Is there a way to transfer a domain to my account if I'm the techincal/registrant contact without the current owner account doing anything? Is there a way to transfer only the domain name, so I can  renew it?
Basically the only thing I'm interested in is the domain name, if the data gets lost, it's not a big deal.


Re: Transfer domain from other account

Hello @argamagra!


Thank you for posting. In this situation, we have a form you can fill out to request the domain be moved to your account. Here it is.


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