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Unknown domain transfer and missing website/email

On Friday, I received a call from one of my clients saying their website and email were both down. Soon after I received an email from GoDaddy that said "You’ve canceled a product." which said product was a ".UK (.CO.UK) Domain Transfer". I did not cancel any product nor did I action any transfer request.


After speaking to GoDaddy support, I was told "A review of XXXXXX.CO.UK shows that a transfer request was directly actioned with Nominet, the .UK registry.  Please contact them for any further assistance as the domain is now registered at XXXXXXXXX." (I've blanked for privacy).


The companywhere the domain now lies is my client's old web hosting provider (who still look after some of their other domains). It would seem someone there actioned a transfer request with Nominet. Its not an urgent issue where the domain is held at the moment because I can get this company to update any DNS settings for me, however I need to get my client's website and email accounts up and running ASAP. The company informs me that the domain's nameservers are still pointing to GoDaddy, but something isn't working. A WHOIS lookup says the DNS information is not available.


In my hosting control panel I can see their email accounts still safe, and the domain appears in my list of hosted domains, but the domain has disappeared from my actual list of domains. I have other domains registered elsewhere that I host on GoDaddy, so this shouldn't be a problem.


How can I add this domain back into my account and get the services for my client up and running?

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Re: Unknown domain transfer and missing website/email

Hey there @nmcmahon89,


You would need to go to where the domain is registered now, access their DNS management system, and make sure everything is updated correctly. If that doesn't work, then you need to contact their support function for further assistance.


If you have the nameservers pointed properly, it might just be propagation. That being said, the company where it's registered is your best bet to find a solution.

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Re: Unknown domain transfer and missing website/email

Hi @nmcmahon89,


Welcome to the Community!


You can go to Nominet ( and check to see if the IPS tag on the .CO.UK domain has already been updated to "GODADDY". This is an action taken to prepare a domain for transfer. An earlier attempt at this may have expired (canceled). If the tag was updated, the purchase of a transfer ($0.00) in your GoDaddy account, will complete the move for you. You will then be able to update the nameservers with us to control the domain here. 





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