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Won auction - do I need authorization code?

I won an auction for a domain name and just paid for it.  I got some confirmation emails, including one that says "Domain name transfer – Initial Authorization for Registrar Transfer" and "Action Needed".  It lists a "Transaction ID" and a "Security Code".  I also see the domain under "Transfers-In" and tried to enter the "Security Code" there as "Authorization Code" - but now it says "has an incorrect authorization code" and I got another email that the transfer failed.


Am I even supposed to do anything for the transfer of the won domain?  I see it as "paid" and "will be yours on 07/15" in the auctions panel.  So can I just ignore the emails (even though they say "action needed") and the transfer will take place on the 15th, or do I have to do something with this "security code" I got?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Won auction - do I need authorization code?

Hi @domob1812. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! In this situation, you shouldn't need to take further action unless our auctions team reaches out to you, which they may do. I'd look for a communication on the day the domain is supposed to become available. Sorry for any confusion. 


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Re: Won auction - do I need authorization code?

Thanks for the clarification - indeed, the transfer now happened automatically (even a few days before the date stated on the auctions site).  So all is fine.