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domain move from wordpress to basic godaddy site - why can't I find in a web search now?

The site can't be found on a google search now. The godaddy support guy said it would take 24 hrs, a week ago. As the call ended he said look at DNS Management and Forwarding Domain should have the top Record appearing, but Forwarding fields are still blank. Is that the problem? What goes there if it fixes it?  There's a 40 min wait on the phone so seeing if someone here might help. Thanks,


Hopefully you have been able to work this out. It sounds like you are hosting your website and not forwarding the domain elsewhere, so you shouldn't have any entries in the forwarding field in your domain manager. 


Changing hosting can affect certain aspects of your SEO, but in most cases you should be fine. There is a lot of information about this online and I would recommend researching it further via a web search. 



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