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    Community Manager

    Hub updates: February 2021

    Hey folks,


    The Hub by GoDaddy Pro is our new centralized dashboard for web designers & developers.

    It lets you manage all your projects, sites, clients, and GoDaddy products from one place.


    Here's what we launched for the Hub in February:


    New accessibility features

    • All forms now have auto-focus capability to allow typing as soon as the form opens.
    • Browser tabs now display the section in The Hub that is open.

    Searchable projects

    • A search field now displays on the Projects page for quicker access.

    Searchable clients

    • A search field now displays on the Clients page for quicker access.

    Speed boost

    • The overall speed of the Sites dashboard has been improved for users who add more than 100 websites.

    Check out the blog post for more details.


    Video walkthrough:


    Have any questions or comments about these updates? Please leave them below.


    Not using the Hub yet? Sign up for free and give it a try.



    Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy Pro
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