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Am I Protected For Large amounts of Traffic?

Hey friends,


I have a website that I am thinking has the possibility of going viral, I'm expecting a ton of traffic, maybe 100,000 views in a day or more. I'm worried that if my site does in fact go viral, that it could crash my hosting and make it inaccessible to everyone while it's being shared and people are visiting. I have a basic hosting package - just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this subject, I'm assuming GoDaddy is a big enough provider that it's not a worry but maybe I'm being ignorant thinking that my monthly subscription for basic hosting is enough to protect the site from just that.






A basic hosting for 100k visits per day? Are you serious?

If that is really the traffic you are expecting you should have a dedicated server, and you should have it somehwere else other than GoDaddy as GoDaddy are very bad for high-trafficked websites. GoDaddy themselves label their services as good for SMBs with trafic up to 250k per month. If you are looking at 100k per day then you clearly need another hosting.