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I already have a deluxe web hosting account and I got a new website that demanded more ram so I purchased a business hosting plan. The load time of a 4mb website is 15 whole seconds with 12 of them being the WAIT time to communicate with the server. Also, whenever trying to upload a single image (larger than 1 mb) in wordpress a get a server error or http error. Even when trying to upload multiple 200kb images at the same time, I got the same error. Small images are uploading successfully when uploaded one at a time. For weeks I tried contacting you and always it was a problem I caused based on your robot customer service. I prepared a video showing that all my plugins were disabled, the theme was disabled and changed to the default, and still your MC was 100% sure it is not your fault but something in my settings. Even though I paid so much more for a business hosting account your MC insisted that if I wanted to fix the issue I would have to pay for premium support. And I did....and it turned out that it is indeed a server issue. Your premium support then opened a ticked on the hosting department and its been now 8 days and still no response....tried calling multiple times and the answer I get is that they are waiting for LINUX to reply back. My website is online and I am loosing customers, I lost so much time waiting in queues for your useless customer service and I am still wasting time for siting here writing this...


A month now and no reply.
I tried any possible way to speak with someone in charge but with no luck.
email, chat, phone, community...paid for business hosting and for almost 3 months the server was problematic and I was only offered 20% on my next if this makes right the 3 months I already paid for a server that couldn't let me upload a file larger than a 1mb....A BUSSINESS SERVER....not the cheap ones for 3-4 bucks...
I will keep on commenting and sharing my experience so keep ignoring me as long as you want!