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Collecting sales tax from a service?

I am fairly certain every state out there does not collect sales tax for selling a service.


I want to use their api


but my state does not collect sales tax and neither does Arizona where Godaddy is headquartered. Here is my state. You are free to find the information on arizona but I already know they do not collect sales tax for services either.


What gives?

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Re: Collecting sales tax from a service?

With regard to Sakes Tax you are not just dealing with your home State @fungames. There is a discordance of rules, regulations and charges when it comes to sales tax and it changes often. The API Reseller has no doubt gone to a Uniform Sales and Use Certificates because of the fluidity in these rules? In many cases the State legislation that sets taxes puts a high burden on companies offer individuals to insure that proper sales tax is collected. 


I have seen rules that set taxes based on the customer location, processor or seller location. There is therefore no guarantee that a customer of yours will not or should not be charged sales tax. I hope that helps? 


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