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ERROR: unmatched tags {delegate} still present in main

Hello - I am getting the message 'ERROR: unmatched tags {delegate} still present in main'

when I click on the Virtual Directory link on the Plesk Hosting (Windows) it doesnt stop me from creating the Virtual directories but every now and my created Virtual directories have disappeared and I need to recreate - any help please

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @deeb09


Any chance you were able to work out what was causing this error to occur? If you're still encountering this within your hosting dashboard, you should try reaching out to our live support so they can look inside the account.


Maybe another member who has encountered this error can share some more insight?



Not sure what causes the error all I can say is it iis a fixed error whenever I click on the Virtual Directory link from the Plesk CP - has anyone had similar experience?

Hi all.


I have the same issue... and when I open the site in IE or Chrome show's up a login window and won't let open the page...


Tried to get support from Godaddy without success... the chat is always busy.


Please help.


Thank all in advance

Kind regards

I am having the same issue- among others.  To be honest, all I know is that I am having the same problem- and the steps leading up to an instance where it happens I can't say.