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European data Center migration for old hosting (2008) + Cpanel

Hi there,


I bought in 2008 a Deluxe Linux Web hosting, and at that time the data center was only in America, but my target market is Italy. Now that GoDaddy has a data center in Europe, I read we can have the option to choose Europe or America. 

The problem is I have still the properietary panel by Godaddy so I don't have this option. Also I would like to have a Cpanel so to manage my SSL certificate .

Another thing I honestly don't like is that now Godaddy has phone support only. I was better when they were dealing with email so I don't have to spend time for waiting and have to tell my story on the phone.

Do you have any idea if there is a way to do what I wrote above without calling the Tech Support?



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Hi @DonnyP,

without a cPanel this will be difficult to do yourself. If you had cPanel then after backing everything up you would simply reset your hosting in 'manage hosting', 'settings', then choose the area for your servers to be located. There would be a recommendation based on where you reside. 

There are also some legal points to be aware of in that hosting in another country you are bound by the laws regarding your online business, of that country. Yet you may also be subject to USA laws as well.


To sum up:

An upgrade of your account is well overdue.

A chat with support is highly recommended.

Just my humble opinion...............


Godaddy also has live chat support, not just phone lines.