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Help! Nameservers not managed by us!!!!

Would appreciate anyone's help with this......please take into account, I am not website savvy, and there is a lot of terminology, etc I don't understand (I don't really understand what a DNS or nameserver are!)


I have very recently left 1and1 and transferred my domain and hosting to godaddy. One of my emails from godaddy during this process says "once the hosting account is set up there will be no need to modify the nameservers"


However, it still says my nameservers are still not managed by Godaddy. I feel very stuck and frustrated! I have worked out that this is an important part of moving my website and email to Godaddy and by buying the hosting package I thought it would be resolved. But it's still there, and I have no idea what to do next......I have read through the articles on help and looked through this forum but I can't find an answer to my specific problem. I don't understand why the email said I don't need to to do anything, but the nameservers still aren't with Godaddy?


If only there was a complete idiots guide to all of this!!! Thanks in advance

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Hi @Solution-Shed,

if you could let us have your domain name I could run a couple of quick checks.


and actually there is a complete idiots guide...... get it fast though as there are only two left in stock!! But they say there is more to come........ what idiots or more books? lol

Thank you your replying so quickly! Domain is


Now off to amazon, hopefully there aren't too many idiots trying to buy the same book!!


Thanks again

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Hi @Solution-Shed,


we are all experts in something, and idiots in something else..... and I have plenty of old '******* for dummies' in my vast book collection 🙂


Yes, your name servers are still '1and1' not godaddy servers. You could try changing your name servers back to 'default' manually. You can do this by going into your account settings. If you are a newbie and unsure then I highly recommend a phone chat with support who can guide you along. 



Many thanks, looks like I need to give tech support a ring to guide me through


Appreciate your help

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Hi @Solution-Shed,

you are welcome 🙂