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How to merge two paid account in one?

I'm new customer. I apologize because I'm aware this is not the right place for ask this kind of question. But besides the support phone I cannot find out a way to communicate about this type of problem.
I've a virual linux account that expires at 06 june. Instead to make its life long, I mistakenly

bought another one instead to renew mine.  So I need to have my money back and then renew my own real account. How can I do that? or, how can I contact some salesman by mail? ( I cannot stay all day long at the phone waiting for some guys at customer care )
thanks , Aurelio


Hi @Aurelio


Thank you for your post.  For the cancellation/refund of the product it will require that you contact our customer services department. Once this has been process (cancellation/refund within policy) you will receive an in-store credit to be applied to the existing hosting account for renewal. 


Hope this helps!