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How to view my files without finalizing the domain


I have just got my GoDaddy account. I have setted up the Hosting, with a fake DOMAIN, just to get the hosting up an running. The accounts are made, files are uploaded to public_html folder. 

Now I want to view the files. When I am hitting my public IP followed by the file I am getting a 404 page. Seems like I might not have uploaded the files @ right place. I double checked. They are in public_html/www/ 


Keep in mind, my domain is not YET mapped, but I would like to view the files from IP Address of GoDaddy. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Salmaan, you won't be able to view files from an IP address on shared hosting unless you've purchased a dedicated IP.  The IP addresses for shared hosting are not dedicated IP's so you couldn't use them to access your content directly.  You'll either need to use a real domain for your hosting plan, or purchase a dedicated IP address for testing purposes.