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I lost my linux hosting. What shall i do to get it back

I lost my linux hosting. What shall i do to get it back
Helper IV

What do you mean by "lost"? If it expired due to non payment, and too much time has not passed, GoDaddy will attempt to do a restoration. I don't recall the fee, but there is a charge for this. They will give you a refund if it is unsuccessful (at least they used ti).


After a certain amount of time, the files are removed from the server (automatically) so sadly there would be nothing you can do except for rebuild your site or if you have a backup, you can restore it from the backup.


I always recommend having a backup of your website in case you have an issue with your hosting. Many of the GoDaddy plans have backups, but I also recommend an external service such as BackupBuddy so you are in full control of your backups.


Best wishes for the recovery.

Hi DocTony.
I really thank you for your answer.
I contacted godaddy support team in bahrain and they restored for me the site. They are really helpfull and great people.
They were very patient with me, especially i am stupid in IT field. God bless them.
I can assure you that godaddy is really better than blue host. Cause it happened to me same issue with bluehost nd i lost all my data, my emails and my sites. I was have several websites and blogs under my bluehost hosting since 2006 and i lost them all on 2012 i think because of same issue of expiry nd not renewal. Same month gone all my work nd my files of how many years. Because simply i did not renew. They did not even bothered of trying to restore my files for me. Screw them.
Thank you DocTony and great thanks to godaddy team

I am so glad it all worked out. Please do make sure that you have backups setup because "things happen" and you never want to be without your site backed up.


Wishing you the best!