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IP Blocked from own website?

I used to have a economy web hosting service for my website, everything was working fine.

I bought a new deluxe web hosting service (not through upgrade option), so that I could have two websites and use different domain names.


I had tested both websites with the economy web hosting, and everything was working fine.


Now that my websites are on a new godaddy server, the only sure way I can access either websites is if I go through a vpn service.

I can get it to sometime connect without using it, but it results in a ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT 90% of the time and/or is very slow.


So far Ive tried.

Clearing browser cache.

Using new browser.

Flushing DNS.

Different PC, mobiles.

White listing the server ip address in the host file.

Pinging the server ip results in a 100% packet loss.


Anything else I can do about this?

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Hi @StevenSSC,

could you please explain in a clearer way please because 'so that I could have two websites and use different domain names' does not pertain to problems in the normal context and use of. For example and should have no problems. I suspect you may have tried something a little 'more exotic' in order to either save money or gain some (perceived) added functionality.


All I can add is that normal use of domains and hosting will give no problems. So there is your answer............


Ok, so I have and is the first website, is the second one that redirects from but keeps the url in the address bar. All of this works without problems, except for me. The only way I can access either of them, is through a vpn..



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Hi @StevenSSC,

please private message me and I will try to help. But in order to help I may have to ask what seems like stupid questions in order to work out exactly what you are trying to do here. We can then figure out if a simpler process would work.

Bear in mind that it is Sunday and it is supposed to be a day of rest, so not too many questions today..... 🙂