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New server does not support cgi, concrete5.

I got an email that Godaddy moved me to a new server.  Now all my web sites are broken because the new server fails on all my cgi and php scripts: Simple cgi calendar/address book, also some concrete5 sites.  Chatting with them provided no help.  Anyone else face this?  I have no other alternative than to go elsewhere.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: New server does not support cgi, concrete5.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the site after a migration.  What type of hosting plan are you using?  Have you looked into the permissions on your hosting to make sure they're configured properly to work with your scripting?  You'll want to make sure they are set to 705 or 755 to work correctly.  




Re: New server does not support cgi, concrete5.

After a week of going around in circles with Godaddy's clueless and rude tech support, I got a refund on my hosting plan and am moving my files elsewhere. This problem was entirely your fault for moving me to a server with an outdated version of php. Support people accused me of changing things when I had solid proof it was your change: your email about my new IP and the results of a simple php version query which said it was running 4.2, which isn't even one of the options to select on the control panel (and yes, I tried selecting the other versions there). Good riddance, Godaddy. For now the nonprofit groups I maintain web sites for out of my own generosity can deal with the interruption while I set up a new host with a friendlier more responsive staff.