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Resource Usage

For a second time in the last week or so I'm unable to access my site. I received no notice from GoDaddy about this either time. I find it hard to believe since my site isn't active as I'm working on it.


Since I can access my control panel where can I find data on my resource use so I can try to find what's going on?


Last time I called "support" and they couldn't find anything on my account about this happening so please don't suggest I call them. 


I'm within the month of buying so I'm thinking of just cancelling since this is the second time with so little activity. In the past I never had this problem and had numerous websites instead of the one I'm just creating.


Appreciate any insight, thanks.










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Unfortunately, most of us are volunteers on here and we don't have the kind of access necessary to determine what your resource issue may be. In this instance, your best course of action is to call in or do a live chat until you can get some answers. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but it is the truth, to be fair.


There is a good chance it's one of two things: some server-side resource issue if you're on shared hosting or some sort of DDoS/malware attack of some sort. That's pretty typical in my experience, especially if you use WordPress or something similar.


I hope you can get your issue corrected.

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Getting Started

I went through this once already and know what support will say which is why I posted here. They checked for a DDoS/malware attack and couldn't find any problem. But then they couldn't find any thing regarding my resource usage either which makes me even more disappointed. 


In attempts to resolve it I've tried chat but that never loads and phone support is typically a 45-55 minute wait. I've been a customer since 4/19/2004 and things here have changed dramatically for the worse.


Very sad experiences these days


But thanks for your comments MrVapor.