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Site speed slow

Hello forum, I have been with Godaddy for some time but this is my first time posting. 


I run a few websites and build them for a living, but my own web business has me stuffed. 

My online store is always at a snail speed no matter what I do. 


Steps I have undertaken to speed it up:

- I have W3 Total Cache installed and running and have used a guide to set up the options. 

- I have ensured every picture I use on the website is well under 1mb

- I am on shared hosting economy level 3 (the highest economy one)


Possible problems:

- I have WPML with one other language aside from English installed on the site (possible issue for speed?)

- I had 800 visitors yesterday and it crashed under those statistics. 


I am not too sure what else to do to fix this?


Any recommendations?

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Re: Site speed slow



Very cool site and products -- what fun! 😉   When you have WordPress on a shared environment you are at the mercy of the resources that everyone on that server is "sharing".    Your site certainly should not be crashing because you had 800 visitors in a day.


I ran a quick speed test and it really isn't all that bad.  The issues can all be addressed easily -- images are the main culprit -- which is pretty common across all sites I test/work on.  Even though images are under 1mb, a bunch of images hundreds of thousands of K in size each can add up fast.  The other issues can be tackled with a plugin or two.


I have read that WPML can slow a site dramatically if not setup properly.  Did you try without to see if there is a difference?  Maybe interrogating support on can help you verify settings and find a solution from the very extensive collection of threads on the topic of slow sites.


HTH! 😉

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Re: Site speed slow

Hi @Muse


Thank you so much for your help and recommendations. I was thinking the WPML plugin would be the problem as I have a few other sites on a much less powered host with Godaddy and they run fine on 1000 visitors / day. 


Cheers! Ben.