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Trying to install moodle. mysql error

I have hit a wall during my install of moodle. I get to the installation and get these two errors. I am still pretty green at this so please explain this like I am a 5 year old. I have gone through the linked solution on the error and either I missed something or it doesn't work. I tried a few times. Screenshot (167).jpg

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HI @MPEvan,


Shared hosting?

I am not sure that Moodle is supported on shared hosting? Ask support for confirmation on this:

Hi thank you. Its VPS. 


Why pay for "Deluxe" hosting to host an older version of Moodle. GoDaddy sucks. I tried to install this morning and had the MySQL Barracuda issue on their basic shared hosting. I di d not have one issue on Bluehost. I have several host accounts with different companies and after my experience today with GoDaddy I will be cancelling my account with them and pointing my domain name to another hosting company's server. VERY disappointed in GoDaddy. I wasted 2 hours this morning and spoke with a tech support technician (after waiting 30 mins) who sound like he was either in high school or just graduated HS. This is pathetic. So I can pay $4.00 per month for Bluehost or Hostgator and install and run Moodle LMS with ZERO problems for 300 user? Yet I cannot even install Moodle on GoDaddy (which is supposed to be a better host). I am done with GoDaddy! I am also checking out the Moodle partners lit to see other hosting options but NEVER will I use GoDaddy again.