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Updating computer users IP addresses

Hi. I have a MySQL database in the godaddy area which my users run from their computers using desktop software I developed for them. It works just fine, except that when a user's IP address (on their computer) changes they have to go to the cPanel Remote MySQL area and type in their latest IP address. Is this normal ie. does every user have to do this as and when their computer's IP address changes? Is there a way around this? How do you teach/persuade your users to actually do this, given that some of my users barely know how to google 'nearest pizza takeaway'?

Thanks for any useful tips!


Hello @JonathanT!


Thank you for posting. I can understand what you mean. I don't think there'd be a way around this. The server needs to know that the machine accessing it is the right one. The only option I could think of that would make it so that they didn't need to do this would be if they were to get a static IP address from their provider. 


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