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Updating the design of my website is not working because of the server

I updated the design of my website but the new design needs IonCube Loader Wizard for it to work. My website will not be working without adding the processor i mentioned to the server.
The official website for this processor is
Please add it to the server so that my website works, thank you very much.

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Hi @tweetsfree,

to be perfectly honest with you, nothing will be added to the server on shared hosting until it's approved and there is a real demand for it, and then only by the developers. 

You would be best served by upgrading to a VPS if you wish to upload your own software but please first ask support if your software is supported. 

Or reconsider the design of your website or platform. Anything that can be done in Wordpress or websitebuilder can be hand coded by a developer without the need for 'wizards' or plugins or any other such third party software, and it would run faster and be more reliable...... just a thought!