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Warning with wordpress backup plugin


I have a site that uses Wordpress and a backup plugin called UpdraftPlus.
The plugin worked fine at my previous host, and I used the backups created by this plugin to migrate my site to godaddy. However, the plugin isn't working correctly anymore.
When I click on links in the wordpress backend related to administering this plugin, I get the following popup message, along with some javascript wrapper code that I had to remove for the forum software.

Unexpected response: 
There appears to be an unauthorized attempt from this site to access your database located at (sitename).  The attempt has been halted.


 Has anyone seen an issue like this?


Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Warning with wordpress backup plugin

Hello @billwhit


The plugin UpdraftPlus has some vulnerabilities that has been discovered since 2015 and yet have not been resolved.

My advice is that you don't use that plugin any more and do your backups the old fashion way (FTP + MySQL export from phpMyAdmin)

If you can't delete the plugin from the WordPress Dashboard, use an FTP client to delete it.


Good luck.


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Re: Warning with wordpress backup plugin

Hi Adrian8,


For a novice I wanted a way to back up the site and be able to restore it easily. I chose Updraft and paid 70.00 for this really unsupported plugin and have to eat that. But moving forward I wanted to be able to back up the site everyday and the uploads once a week. My upload files can be extremely big one is over 600mb and Updraft can't seem to do it and just hangs and support is worthless. I have three super large files and the rest of my digital goods are smaller. These files are flattened and print quality and that is why they are so big. I have to use Add to Server just to get the 3 files into my cart since you all time it out in some way. I wish there was a way to just backup and restore this site and cart with an easy method and I would have to worry about file sizes so much. I sell on this other site and can upload up to 1GB there no problems. They manage it. Do you have a link to how you do the manual way you mentioned in your reply to this question? Thank you.