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What hosting plan will give me access to PHP 5.5+?

I am on economy hosting and the only versions of PHP available are ones that aren't even supported anymore. I have read that with different hosting plans you can get newer versions (which is a little discouraging that they require an upgrade for this when my other hosts do not).


Anyway, I can't find anywhere on the site where it says which plan I need in order to have access to which version of PHP.

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Hi @aeakers,

PHP 5.6 should be available on economy hosting. Not sure about managed TrouserPress or any other CMS. The clue is in the name; managed! Which points to the fact that it's managed for you. This can be a bonus or curse depending on your tech skill. That stuff scares me more than flesh-eating hordes of zombies.

Give me a powerful text editor (VIM), TERMINAL and a mountain of coding books any time.

Go into cPanel and into PHP settings to find a dropdown menu with about 3 different PHP versions.


Check with support before pressing that tempting 'buy now button'............