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Where could be the issue?

Hi guys,


Facing a big problem since few days. Check this:


While downloading I can't get the file size. There doesn't seem to be any issue with Domain or wordpress but I think hosting is the reason. But GoDaddy customer care saying there's no issue with them. You can try with following sample file.


While downloading, it doesn't show the file size. GoDaddy says no issues from here. And domain from Enom may not be issue too. Can you help?
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Re: Where could be the issue?

Hi @parassidhu,

It's not wise to offer a file to download here, especially a file like an mp4 which could be a file you have no copyright for! Or worse. You won't get many takers on that!

There is nothing wrong when I use my ftp to download a file. All data is revealed. So The problem is not  with godaddy hosting (it's hosting not bitTorrent). Usually though with any decent developer, file size is given alongside the download. 

Re: Where could be the issue?

Thank you for defending GoDaddy.


Can you please see these 3 images and tell me the issue:




If not GoDaddy, who's responsible?


Re: Where could be the issue?

The issue is finally solved. The problem is partial with GoDaddy. They should've modified the file on their own. Check my answer here:


Re: Where could be the issue?