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Where is mythical 'My Account' menu item?

I need to ad another website to my hosting package, and as usual find it massively a non-intuitive process on GoDaddy (I'm not a tech person).


So I search the help options and they invariably say:

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click Web Hosting. (or 'My Account')
  3. etc

But when I log in to GoDaddy I DO NOT HAVE A 'WEB HOSTING' OPTION OR A 'MY ACCOUNT 'OPTION.  (Yes, I'm shouting).  These mythical options are NEVER there, so I pick the nearest thing and get lost, and then go round in circles...


Is it just me, or is GoDaddy not updating their f#@!*$& help pages when they change the site structure?



Some good shortcuts to navigate the system are: (myaccount/myproducts) (all hosting accounts)

Mike L. | WebPro